Something like me

I was floating around in the sea water trying to make shapes, triangles, circles...shapes that have a beginning and an end.

Shapes that circle me around that go by myself and come back refreshed.

You would never fucking understand my voice

My words

My mind


Clothed in your little tiny world...you destroyed your shapes

Your madness and provoked the whole destruction of it

You my friend have no future

How can you float with no a god damned shape, no purpose, no reason

No response.

How can I hear your voice when you have no sound?

You are a fucking muted robot.

And you are my toy...I can switch you ON and OFF any time any where I want to.

Pathetic isn’t it?

You will be programmed by me...everywhere you go you will recognize something which relates to me...my form.

And you will enjoy it...like you should

Regardless to that, you could be happy...yes you could...

You could have made your dreams come true.

Make yourself be real

Make your sound be listened

Make your eyes be attracted to my eyes, to their eyes

Make you alive and real

But to be honest...

I would never be you

I don’t even petty you

You are a laugh my friend...

Time to change.

Hurry up.


kat. said...

μην βιάζεσαι!!!!!!!

Bliss said...

egw kat mou oxi....
alloi prepei na biazontai..
tous blepeis einai mesa sta skata apo panw mexri katw
ws pote toso pathetic?
toso stokoi
toso dh8en
toso anwrimoi
toso ligoi?...
dn agapane ton eauto tous ka8olou?
dn ton sebontai
proswpika niw8w luph

PeNNy LaNe said...

Όσα δεν είπε το post, τα είπε το παραπάνω comment. Πες τα, πες τα!